7 Cartoon Intros That Will Take You Back In Time

Everyone in the world had a childhood different from the others, some were spoiled kids and some had a rough childhood, some lived it more than they should and some others had to take responsibility at a very young age, but we all miss our childhoods and there is one thing in common with all children especially the 90’s kids, cartoons!

Personally I think 90’s kids were the luckiest people with cartoons as they were both educational and entertaining and I know for a fact that cartoons took a huge part in every kid’s life and so today I’m going to take you on a trip through time that will make all your childhood memories come back at once. So buckle up, raise the volume, close your eyes and enjoy this memory trip. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Spacetoon’s finest songs.

If the previous songs didn’t move your feelings, you have some issues my friend and you probably had no childhood at all! All of the previous amazing songs have one thing in common, Rasha Rizk. Rizk was the one who sang most of the intro songs we used to listen to and sing along before our favorite shows begin and to be honest, I’m having a tough time holding my tears and taking the smile off my face as I listen to all of these songs now. To Rasha Rizk, if you ever come by this article I just want to say thank you.


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