30 Things You Need To Know About Red Bull SoundClash

I don’t usually write about stuff that people from outside Egypt wouldn’t understand, and I know that the Red Bull Soundclash is an international concert but I felt like I needed to talk about it from an Egyptian perspective.

Red Bull has announced that another Soundclash is going to take place for the third year in Egypt on February 24th, that is after two soundclashes, one in 2013 between Cairokee and Wust El Balad, and another one in 2015 between Cairokee and Sharmoofers, and this year it’s Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend 2013’s concert, but I was blessed enough to go 2015’s soundclash which was amazing in every meaning of the word. The concert had its pros and cons, so I thought I should make a guide for people who haven’t been to a soundclash before for them to know what to expect and how to get ready.

1.Be Early If You Want To Get A Good Place

The concert is supposed to start at 6 but I think it starts something around 8:30, but there will be LOADS of people so if you want to get first line you’d need to be there at 1 pm (literally).

2.Bring Some Food And Water For Waiting In Line

3.Buy Your Ticket BEFORE You Go

4.Get A Power Bank

5.Be Prepared To Stand…A Lot

6.Don’t Bring Your Camera

Yes I know it’s an amazing concert and you would like to unleash the photographer inside you but trust me, you don’t want to waste a concert like this.

7.Jump While You’re Partying, It’s Not A Concert For Omar Khayrat

8.Sweat….Be Prepared For A Sea Of Sweat

9.Boys, This Is Not A Place For Hooking Up

10.Get Some Money For Water. You’ll Need It


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