The Perks of Not Being A Football Fan

When I was younger, every man I knew adored football and almost didn’t talk about anything else but now it’s different, both men AND women now love football and talk about it all the time. Everyone loves it and watches it regularly, they free up their schedule if there’s a big match coming and they get ready for it days – and sometimes weeks – before it starts. Everyone does that except for one person…. Me


Seriously I really don’t like football at all and I understand nothing about it. I tried playing it in reality, virtually and I tried to enjoy watching it but I fail every time. At first it was kinda weird for me when people would start talking about football and then look at me and say “why are you so silent?”, but now I’m happy that me and football don’t mix and here is why.

Healthy Nervous System

I can’t imagine having all those breakdowns when a goal is not counted or when we get a foul or worse, when we lose the match. The whole football audience go through a lot and it’s tiring to even see them so scared and frustrated while watching a game. I can only imagine how their nerves are like during a match with all the nail biting and the continuous sweating, no thanks I prefer to have healthy nerves.


No Pointless Arguments

What do political arguments and football arguments have in common? They’re both pointless. Everyone will keep telling you why their team is the best and why every other team sucks but in the end everyone just sticks to their opinion, that is of course after a long, loud and meaningless conversation that might contain physical combat. I mean why bother when the results are all the same?


Saving Money

Good matches come at a price, so if there’s an important game going you probably won’t find it on free TV channels so you have two options. You’ll either get an expensive subscription to a channel package that will allow you to watch the games at home, or you’ll have to go to any coffee shop that is playing the game on their TV to watch it, and of course you can’t just sit in one of those coffee shops without ordering anything that you don’t want at all. To think about how much money I saved from not watching football.


Saving Time

45 minutes on two halves that’s 90 minutes, plus the break which I don’t know how much it takes but I’ll assume it’s 10 minutes, so that’s 100 minutes. Of course you have to stay for 2 hours before the match and 2 hours after to watch the professional analyzing of the game so that’s 340 minutes lost from your day! Time is gold people!


Empty Streets

When you live in the capital, the phrase “empty streets” becomes really rare for you to hear and the streets are always so busy and the traffic is always so horrible, except when there’s a big match. If I have to run an errand somewhere far from me, I tend to choose a time when there’s an important game because simply, everyone will be busy watching the game that a zombie apocalypse could happen and no one will ever feel a thing. Perfect time for street racing and drifting.


Don’t get me wrong everyone, I don’t hate football, I just don’t like it which is probably the same thing.

Leave your comments and tell me if I’m the only one who feels this way.


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