Types Of People In An Egyptian Lagna

Everyone hates exams and they give almost everyone the creeps except if you don’t even know what subject you’re having tomorrow like me.

While I was daydreaming one day in one of my exams, I noticed that my lagna (the class where we’re having our exam) has different kinds of people so below are the types of students you’ll normally see in an Egyptian lagna.

The Stubborn

This guy/girl doesn’t know shit but will never give up. They’ll write the most creative and non relevant answers you can ever see but they would never leave a question unanswered. The problem with this particular type is that they get surprised when they fail.37sceqokyatx

The Artist

This person sees the exam paper as a portrait and sees himself as Da Vinci. As soon they finish all the questions that they know, they take out their pencils and they fill the back of the questions paper with their art.


The Thinker

No don’t get it wrong, they’re not thinking about a question in the test paper, they’re just thinking about…anything else! “Why are we alive?” “Is there a god?” “Why is Dongol (Pete) afraid of Mickey but not Bondo’ (Goofy) although Bondo’ is a dog, Pete is a cat and Mickey is a mouse?”


Mr. I Don’t Care

This person has no idea – or interest – in answering any question, that is if he even shows up. They have no idea what the subject is about and they know they are going to fail anyway so they relax, count the floor tiles, laugh, sleep or just keep annoying everyone else in the room. God be with you if you’re sitting next to/in front of them. They’ll make you lose concentration and forget every piece of information you had just to have fun.


The Rapist

It all comes down to this person. The reason they’re called the rapists is because they nearly rape the test paper. They never leave the pen from the minute the exam starts till it ends, they ask for extra paper because they have finished the ones they have and no matter how impossible the exam is, they always come out saying it was pretty easy ALTHOUGH, 2 hours ago they said that they didn’t remember anything and they were going to fail. And if for any reason they lost half a mark in the exam they would make us feel like it’s the end of the world to them. These guys need to be terminated at once.


I  Said This: Tell me which one of those is you and how many of them do you see in your lagna.


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