Arabish’s New Album Review

You might not be familiar with the name Arabish, but you probably have listened to at least one of their songs so you probably know “Haheb Tany” (I’ll love again) or “Hobak Mayetneseesh” (Your love can’t be forgotten) even if you didn’t know whose songs they were, and I’m pretty sure that whoever listens to them will fall in love with their songs immediately.

Arabish have just released their first album “Elnaharda Seheet Men Elnom” or (Today I woke up from sleeping) exclusively on Anghami and I thought I should write what I think about it, but first let me give you a brief introduction about the band for those of you who don’t know them.

Who are they

The band consists of Wael Nasr, Zeina ElShazly, Habiba Zahran and Omar ElFarouk. The band was founded in 2015 and they have made a huge success since then. The band started by covering some English songs and then they started releasing some originals which caught on quickly. Songs like “Hobak Mayetneseesh” and “Pokémon GO” were very successful but their most successful song so far is “Haheb Tany” which was played more than 3M times on soundcloud.


Their album has 4 songs which were released early on as singles before the album was released which are “Haheb Tany”, “Hobak Mayetnesish”, “Pokémon Go” and “Albak Feen” so I’ll just skip those and talk about the other 5 songs in the album.

Ana Mesh Ba’akes (I’m not flirting)

This song talks about one of the biggest issues in Egypt which is sexual harassment and how girls suffer from it. They talk about how the girl is always the one blamed for sexual harassment although she is the victim of the crime. They also talk about how people refuse to consider harassment as a serious crime and always find excuses for the offender like the girl’s clothes or saying the famous sentence “Eh ely wadaha henak” or what made her go there.

The lyrics are so powerful, so are the singers’ voice (I can’t tell for sure if the female singer is Zeina or Habiba) and I really like the guitar solo so I think I would give it a 9/10.

*Updated* Turns out it’s actually both of them.


Ha’olek Ba’deen (I’ll tell you later)

This one starts by a voice saying “Mum, how did you and dad meet?” and then it talks about how 2 lovers met and got married. The songs speaks about love stories and how they always sound like fairy tales to us even the ones that happen to ourselves.

I really like the rhythm of this song except for the first part which I felt wasn’t the best start but the rest was really good so this song is a solid 8.5/10


Yerga’ Tany (Returns back)

Okay I stopped to think a lot when I first heard this song. This song is about a guy who wants to escape and leave his country which oppresses him to find a new and a better life but the only thing that is holding him back is his mother who has no one left to her except for him. The song speaks from the mother’s perspective where she prays to god that her son would return back to her and how she fears that he might forget about her.

So far the song is pretty normal, except that it is a cover for Adele’s hit, Hello. I was confused at first because the two songs have absolutely nothing in common and the lyrics talk about two completely different things but I’ve written an Arabic cover to an English song before so I understand it and have nothing against it. The thing is, if someone has told me before I listened to the song that someone is going to sing a cover for Adele, I would say that it’s a huge risk to try to cover such talented singer, but I was wrong.

This song takes it to a whole new level! I never thought I would say this but I think Adele would love to hear Zeina’s (or Habiba’s I can’t be certain but I think it’s Zeina) Habiba’s voice in this song. It’s absolutely flawless and she got the high notes at the last part of the song so perfectly that I thought for a second I was really listening to Adele.
*Sorry for the mistake Habiba 😀

I really enjoyed this song so I think I would give it a 9.5/10



El Naharda Seheet Men El Noom (Today I woke up from sleeping)

This song was really cool cause it talks about a topic that I never heard in a song before although I think more people should talk about it in their songs which is the stereotype of girls getting married to strangers. If you’re not Egyptian then let me tell you about marriage in Egypt.

We call it Gawaz Salonat (Salons marriage) or traditional marriage and it goes like this, a guy goes to marry a girl who he doesn’t know and might not even know what she looks like. The guy goes to the girl’s house to see her parents and more importantly see his future wife. If he likes how she looks and sees that she’s suitable for a wife (after nothing more than 2 hours of sitting together) he will propose to her! Of course that’s not how it always goes, but still a lot of people do it this way.

Anyway the song speaks about a girl who gets woken up by her mother telling her to get dressed because a potential groom is coming to see her and although the girl doesn’t want to get married this way, her parents force her to meet the guy and after she does, they keep nagging her to get married to him.

The topic is new and lyrics express how a lot of girls feel about this kind of marriages so I’ll probably give this song 8.5/10


Shams (Sun)

Looks like the band decided that the last song of the album should only have music played by Wael without any singing. The music is so fresh and it’s fascinating considering that Wael is the only one in the band who actually plays an instrument so he’s responsible for all the music in all the songs so it’s really cool to know that only one person does it all. Though I’ve always wondered since he can’t play more than one instrument at once, what do they do in live concerts.

The music is nice but I feel like it’s missing something, maybe a guitar solo. I don’t know but I think I would give this one an 8/10.


I really enjoyed listening to this album and I really love this band but there’s only one thing that I really hated about it. The album was exclusively released on Anghami and for some reason Anghami just loves to sabotage good music by announcing that this song is exclusive on Anghami, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG!

Seriously guys I love you but you’ve gotta fix this problem cause it’s really annoying.

*Updated* Now the album is available on Soundcloud without all the Anghami announcements. You can find it Here.


Anyway, Arabish are having their album tour now and they’re going to start by a concert on Thursday, January 19th at El Sawy Culturewheel, so if you don’t have any exams like the ones I have (thanks a lot for the timing guys) try not to miss it.

I Said This: Great job on the album guys, can’t wait to see more from you



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