Osama Elhady Bringing A New Meaning To Live Videos

If you’re an Egyptian underground music fan then you definitely know Osama Elhady, the Egyptian singer who has released his amazing album “Yawman Ma Hateer” a couple ofmonths ago, and now his new big thing is facebook live videos.

Introducing His Plan

A couple of days ago Osama made a live video explaining his new plan for 2017 where he said that everyday he’ll be making a new live talking about the story behind a song that the people like starting with his album’s songs then he’ll talk about other songs too including songs of other artists.

Live Concerts

He also said that he wants everyone to feel the experience of live concerts and therefor he will be broadcasting his concerts and his band rehearsals live on facebook so everyone could attend the concerts from their homes.

Guitar Tutorials

He has also announced that he will be uploading tutorials of his songs on the guitar for anyone who wants to learn to play them and he started by a tutorial to his most famous song “Metro” and he promised to do more of those tutorials soon.


Another thing he’s using live videos for is introducing some amazing people to his fans and letting them explain who they are and what they do. The first one of those people was Iman Elimam from Espitalia and they were talking about music and it’s effect on us while studying. The second interview was with Omar Ahmed, the founder of and they basically just kept answering the people’s Inspiring Egyptians questions.

I Said This: Subscribe to Osama’s live videos to get notifications whenever he’s broadcasting and enjoy his shows/concerts/rehearsals/tutorials.


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