Why Santa Doesn’t Show Up For The Kids

Legend has it that an old man with a big white beard and large belly fat comes around at Christmas eve in his fancy red robes and sneaks into the houses where little kids who were behaving well all year live to leave them presents and go away unseen.

Personally I never believed in Santa Clause even as a kid and thought the whole story was really cheesy, I mean if he is real, why doesn’t he let kids see him? I never knew the answer till a couple of days ago.

I went to work with a team called “Leap” and it was my first time with them. The event was in a nursery and it was about Christmas and letting the children celebrate it. Someone was needed to play Santa, and who is better than the new guy right?

Personally I thought it was kinda cool to be Santa and to make the children happy and I thought: what could possibly go wrong?

Well for starters, the moment I got out with the bag of sweets that I should be throwing in the air, I suddenly found myself surrounded by all the kids in the place and I think there was about 30 hands inside the bag trying to get as many sweets as their hands could take.

A moment later, the bag wasn’t even in my hand! The kids took the bag of sweets and tossed me down so easily like I had no weight at all. Seriously people stop taking your 4 year old kids to the gym!

A moment after, the photographer told me to sit down to take pictures with the little ones, and for some unknown reason, a kid came from behind my back, took my scarf and ran away so fast that I couldn’t even see him/her.

Not to mention that my Santa pants kept falling to the ground, my big white beard kept on getting inside my mouth and the kids kept trying to take my hat off. It was really awkward but for some reason I actually enjoyed it (although I know I was a terrible Santa).

I Said This: Santa Claus, I’m a true believer now and I salute you for all your hard work.


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