10 Restaurants That I Really Need To Try ASAP

Thanks to pages like Engezni, elmenus and Egyptian Foodies, my Facebook and Instagram feed are always filled with pictures of food that can make anyone’s mouth go wet in a sec. I’ve tried some of the places they keep posting about but there are still a lot of sexy places that I still haven’t payed a visit to and because of my plan to lose weight I can’t do it quickly so I just write the names down to keep track of these restaurants.

Below are some places that I plan to go to whenever it’s possible.


One of the most frequent restaurants that I keep hearing about is cowbell. Cowbell burgers have an incredible reputation and I don’t believe I’ve seen any negative reviews so far and by the looks of their burgers, I’m not surprised.

Picture by John Kamal via elmenus.com

Willy’s Kitchen

If I got 1 pound for every time I heard or read the name I would be a millionaire. Almost every foodie I know is in love with it especially with their nacho burger. Gosh I can’t wait to stuff it into my mouth.

Picture by Willy’s Kitchen via elmenus.com

Ismail Pasha Burger

I can’t really say that this is a restaurant cause it’s actually a burger cart located in Heliopolis. Tbh I’m not really a carts guy but reading all the positive reviews I can say that I’m more than ready to go grab a bite.

Via Ismail Pasha’s facebook page

Dip n’ Dip

Yes I’m chocoholic and I still haven’t been there and I know it’s terrible. I really can’t wait to try brownies crepe or their chocolate molten cake. Seriously I can’t!

Via elmenus.com


The place everyone has been talking about the past few months and yes I still don’t know how their cup cakes taste but I’m more than eager to try their new chocolate molten cake.

Photo by Aya Shaker via elmenus.com


When burgers get mixed with Italian you get burgasta. I’ll not say much about the place except that they have a pizza burger, I think that’s enough said.

Via Burgasta’s facebook page


I can’t even start saying how much I’ve heard about Mince’s burgers and how amazing they are. Seriously places like this make me think everyday about ruining my diet.

Picture by Ramysoli via elmenus.com

Brew & Chew

For a chocoholic like me, as soon as I hear the name Brew & Chew I instantly get images of melting chocolate in my mind. The idea that there’s the melting chocolate field in Brew & Chew waiting for me to attack on it gives me hope in life.

Picture by Abdelrahman Alaa via elmenus.com

Frozzy Twist

Basbosa Ice Cream…

Picture by Mohammed Hazem via elmenus.com

I said this: Please feel free to give me more suggestions for my list



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