Reasons To Leave Your Parents’ Home Before Marriage

Living with your parents definitely has it pros and most Egyptians don’t leave their parents before they get married (some don’t leave even then) and they’re happy with it, so why is the idea of leaving the house before marriage growing into the minds of a lot of people?


You’re your own boss. Your own king. You can do whatever you want whenever you want to. But of course no pros are without cons. Yes it will feel amazing to be independent but that means you have to do everything yourself from cleaning the house to doing laundry to getting groceries but it’s totally worth it.



Growing up with judgemental parents is not a cool thing, you have to ask for permission for literally anything that you want to do. Rules are always so strict and you can’t do anything about it. Whether it’s how you dress, where you go out and who your friends are you’ll always get judged. Try coming home late or doing something that they don’t approve and hell gate will open to you.



It’s one of the things that excite me the most about the idea. Living with your parents means that your private life is always hacked by them. For some reason with a lot of parents the word privacy is always connected with drinking and smoking and any other thing against general morals as they think “if you’re not doing anything wrong so why do need privacy?”



Egyptians may not be the best example for freedom and it’s no different with parents. Who wasn’t forced to do anything that he didn’t want? From being forced to a college that you don’t want to being forced to get married to someone that you don’t know just because your parents think it’s good. Well the problem might not be completely solved when you leave the family house but it will certainly get better.



As I said above you’ll be completely independent and that’s not an easy thing when you have to cook all your meals, do all your laundry, clean the house and buy all the groceries and if you ever forget any of those (and trust me you will at first) you’ll find yourself in a very tough situation so you’ll be more responsible with time and of course those simple things will affect your major life decisions and how you take responsibility for them.


I Said This: Living with your parents isn’t so bad but leaving them is inevitable so why not try to make the most of it?


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