The Last Of Us, when you think it can’t get any worse

So I decided that I should start watching some movies that don’t come from Hollywood or from major Egyptian movie production companies and what better place to do that than the Cairo International Film Festival right?

Me and my friends went to watch a Tunisian movie that was very….we’ll get to that later but now I want to talk about the movie in details.

The movie starts with 2 people walking in a desert, they do not say a word to each other, they just walk silently. They then get into the back of a truck where they are stopped by some armed people who attack them also without saying a thing.

We then see only one of the guys was able to escape and was now alone.

The guy keeps walking till he finds a fishing boat that he steals and then sails to some sort of woods where he keeps walking again. And after 40 minutes of complete silence the man falls into a pit and he screams because of an arrow that gets into his leg and that’s gonna be the last time you hear anything in the left 54 minutes.

The man wakes up to find a rope that’s been thrown to him and he climbs out then he gets hit in the head by an old man. The old man takes the knocked out guy and treats his leg and when he wakes up both of them keep looking at each other without saying or doing any damn thing.

The two men keep walking and eating the rest of the movie till one day the young guy wakes up to find the old man dead so he burns him then guess what, he walks.

In the end of the movie you see some sort of light that looks like the moon at first but then you find it moving right above the man’s head and you have absolutely no idea what the hell is this.

The movie ends with the man standing in front of a small waterfall where he takes off his clothes and for some reason we see his naked butt from a distance and then he disappears….just like that and the movie is over.

Seriously if someone told me what I have just said before I watched it I would NEVER have believed something could be that ridiculous! The problem is that I discovered that this movie actually got an award in Venice…WTF!

I can’t actually believe that I spent 20 LE of my money and 94 minutes of my time to see a man’s butt… We were absolutely speechless after the movie had finished. I don’t believe I can ever see something so horrible again.

I said this: If you have an enemy or someone that you really hate, invite him to watch that movie and tell him that it has a wonderful ending for him not to leave.


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