Sweety con Nutella, super-amazing or overrated?

If for any reason you’ve been living in cave this week and you missed it, McDonald’s Italy had announced about it’s new invention, the Sweety con Nutella.

Everyone is going crazy about it, Italians can’t believe they can really have this and people outside Italy can’t wait till they can find it on their local McDonald’s menu, but is it really that amazing or is it just successful marketing?

Don’t get me wrong I’m a real foodie myself and nothing makes me happier that Nutella and for the first look I was really amazed by it, but then I looked again.

The Sweety con Nutella is basically just a Nutella sandwich. Yup that’s right, just some bread filled with Nutella and nothing more but a McDonald’s box containing it so there’s nothing special about it. There is no invention or special ingredient or secret recipe. They just buy some Nutella and spread it in their bread and that’s it!

The sandwich is almost 68g and costs about 2 EUR which sounds nice until you realize that for that price you can make 10+ sandwiches of the same size.

A 400g Nutella jar costs about 3.6 EUR so if my calculations are correct you can make your own Nutella burger at home with a much lower cost.

I think McDonald’s were smart and had a strong marketing strategy (the announcing post on facebook has been shared more than 90k times so far) and were able to promote something than anyone can do like it was something very special.

I said this: leave a comment and tell me what you think about it.

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