Nina Kamal, what you never knew make-up could do

Whenever we mention the word make-up artist in Egypt, the first things that come in mind are weddings, brides and more money than Donald Trump has but that’s not the case with Nina Kamal. I had a special online interview with her to get to know her better and here is how it went.

In which kind of art would you categorize your work?

My work is all about face and body painting which is a small branch of special effects.

When did you start doing it and where did you learn it all?

I started out two years ago by painting portraits which helped me to get to know about shading and how to use it in my work. As for learning, I didn’t learn anywhere and I was 100% self-taught. I started googling the topic and watching other people’s work and techniques and I kept trying till I finally got it.

Do you consider this as just a hobby or do you plan on having it as a career?

As a job I think it’s hard…not a lot of people accept the idea and people still thought it was photoshopped  until I started recording videos. I would like to have it as a career of mine but I think that cinema must have some new blood to use that kind of work.

I know you’ve been to a Halloween party before painting for people but do you usually do that or is it just something for you and your friends?

No actually I’ve been to lot’s of places. For example I’ve done work twice with Nile FM and I’ve done lot’s of photo sessions but I still haven’t got involved in cinema work but I try to spread my art as much as I can.

Where do you get new ideas and inspiration from and which make-up artists you look up to their work?

I got inspired by movies like Deadpool and TV shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story and I got affected by artists like Alex Faction, Jordan Hanz and Alex Steel.

What else do you do besides recreating movies and TV charactes?

I’m not just a painter, I also get involved in rising awareness in lot’s of humanitarian issues like burns in children, elder abuse and violence against women. I believe that art should have a part dedicated for rising awareness so even if doesn’t help directly, at least it shows interest and caring about the issue.

Have you ever tried creating your own character or do you just recreate pre-existing characters?

I’ve only done this in paintings related to humanitarian issues and 3D paintings on my hand, those were my ideas

Please show us some of your work and explain them to us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This one is about color racism and how some dark skinned people get affected by racists’ talks and become ashamed from themselves.


This one was about cancer and the effects it has on patients fighting it.


And this one is about violence against women.


Children burns


This one was about society and marriage issues and the girls’ psyche in pop art.


This one was about the immigrants. The #PrayForHumanity hashtag came out after the events of Paris and then people died in the sea and lot’s of other events happened one after another so in the background I put a burning house and woman who looks to have had her face torn and hit.


This one was about vitiligo. Vitiligo isn’t a contagious disease but people still continue to treat the patients in an inhumane way.


Elder abuse

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And these are some of my 3D paintings on my arm and hand.

In the end what do you wish to tell both your fans and people who are seeing your work for the first time?

I started all this in a very short time and it evolved so quickly. It’s never too late to start something and a person should always go after his passion whatever it is and they must have patience and do lot’s of reading.

I said this: Nina Kamal,with her incredible talent, can be the future of Egyptian cinema, or maybe even more so go support her on her facebook page.(tell her I sent you : D)


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